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Dwarf Mine Slot: Theme, RTP, Volatility and Bonus Features

A well-known slot manufacturer in the casino business, Yggdrasil, released the video slot Dwarf Mine on March 21, 2019. With this slot machine, you'll experience what it's like to be a real miner looking for gold! We'll discuss the gameplay, bonus features, and ways to succeed in our Dwarf Mine review.

Subject of Dwarf Mine

There's no denying that Yggdrasil is a talented slot developer when it comes to themes and ideas. The Dwarf Mine slot suggests becoming a miner and searching the underworld for lost riches. This game's reels are covered in gleaming, vibrant gemstones as well as some practical mining equipment. The slot machine gets more fascinating with each simple spin, and the amusing animations and excellent audio features create a fun atmosphere overall.

Dwarf Mine's standard paytable features both low-paying and high-paying icons. The high-paying ones have several items of mining tools, including a spade, a lantern, a pickaxe, and a miner's helmet, as opposed to the low-paying ones, which have four card suits.

In the form of four sparkling crystals, there are additionally very lucrative emblems. The fundamental paytable's highest-paying symbol is a ruby crystal. It's important to remember that getting multiple symbols on the same strip multiplies your winnings!

The unique pay table includes a Bonus sign as well as four Collectible symbols. Expanding Reels and Free Spins are two benefits that are activated by the Bonus symbol. The Collectible symbols in the primary game can only show up on the three extended reels and award up to five Collection Free Spins.

The RTP and Variation of Dwarf Mine Slot

The Dwarf Mine slot machine has a low variance and an RTP of 96.8%.

The RTP and variance of this slot machine are definitely not terrible. You stand a good chance of consistently getting small rewards due to the low volatility. On the other hand, the more expensive rewards will be scarcer, so don't be shocked if you originally get lots of dead spins! Find a lot of interesting information about how to play the best online slots on several websites such as and

Extra Rounds & Free Spins in Dwarf Mine

Increasing Streams

Up to three layers can be added to the reels! To do this, you need to amass a sufficient amount of Bonus Symbols. Your odds of winning in the slot are increased by one row for every Bonus symbol that appears on the reels.

Extra Bonuses

You will receive 10 Regular Free Spins if the reels contain three or more Bonus icons. However, this feature is only accessible on the 5x7 layout that has been completely extended.

Gather free spins

The 5x7 reels are the only ones that have this function. With a matching five of these bonus' extraordinary Super High Paying Symbols, you'll receive 5 Collection Free Spins.

Playing Dwarf Mine Slots

You can get started with Dwarf Mine using our simple tutorial:

Open the slot machine, then wait for it to start.

Click the "+" icon in the lower-left area to view the slot's full description.

You can examine the paytable and additional features of the slot machine by selecting the I button.

You can alter the game's volume and screen setting in the same menu.

Choose your starting wager and the coin value at the foot of the screen.

By pressing the circular arrow button, wait for your wins.

The slot machine Dwarf Mine has five wheels and four rows by default, but the rows can be increased to seven. Additionally, there are 16,807 slots in total. The coin worth you decide on at the beginning of each round sets the amount you have to wager in this game. The lowest and maximum wagers are each €0.1 and €125. The original fixed total of paylines is 1,024.

Video for Dwarf Mine

Players can play the Dwarf Mine slot demo option at any time on our website. With this totally free demo version of the slot machine, you can explore all of its intriguing features without having to make a real-money payment.

Evaluation of Dwarf Mine Slot in General

Online slot machine Dwarf Mine features multiple methods to win, simple but enjoyable gameplay, and excellent graphics. You can place yourself in the position of a real miner and start looking for the underground treasures. If you check out this intriguing slot machine right away, you won't be disappointed!

You can also visit the site with information on tips on how to play online slots at

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